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Introducing Ko

Connecting the world of education

Mike Tang

Mike Tang

Introducing Ko

What is Ko?

Ko is a networking platform for education.

We build tools for organizing educational resources, creating professional individual and team profiles, and posting jobs.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Ko aims to solve the problem of organizing and discovering educational resources, services, and career opportunities.

The democratization of content creation has led to a rapid increase in educational resources such as courses, apps, curriculums, and other materials covering a wide range of topics and skill levels.

However, the increasing abundance of options makes it difficult for educators, learners, and parents to navigate.

At Ko, we believe better organization and networking tools can help.

While other popular social media platforms are designed to be the public squares of the internet, Ko aspires to be the library — a sanctuary for learning, inclusion, and progress.

Our platform is designed specifically for the education community, aiming to enhance resource curation, inspire learning, and facilitate collaboration.

Why now?

Our mission is to connect the world of education.

We’re doing this because we cannot ignore an alarming mix of ongoing issues:

At Ko, we believe educators* are the world’s most important contributors.

We are what we learn, and educators are the ones who help us discover knowledge and shape our futures. When educators are struggling, the rest of the society struggles as well.

Now more than ever, the global education community needs a dedicated space to connect and collaborate towards a better future. Ko exists to fulfill this need and more.

* If you've ever shared something you know, you're an educator.

Who’s building this?

Our founding team is just me for now – my name is Mike Tang. Over the past decade, I’ve designed and shipped software in education, publishing, and personal finance. Before working in technology, I pursued a career in urban design and sustainability. My career transitions were made possible by online educational resources from individuals I've never met. They didn’t just change my life – they empowered me to change my own.

Building Ko is my way of paying it forward for future generations. Our possibilities are endless and I’m excited to share progress and lessons learned along the way.

Join us

If you're interested in joining early and influencing the direction of Ko, request early access and feel free to reach out on X.

Ko [ 子 ] means “child” in Japanese and represents our commitment to the promise of future generations.

Our logo is inspired by the giant sequoia pinecone because, much like the human spirit, their species grows when it’s on fire.

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