KoChangelog/New features, fixes, and improvements to Ko


  • Added a profile setup wizard to welcome new members


  • Initialized Settings page to configure account details
  • Members can now delete their account and all account data anytime

Fixes & improvements

  • Ensure all usernames are unique
  • Fix authentication refresh issue
  • Fix responsive height issue with dialog component
  • Upgraded to Next.js 13 for image optimization and performance gains
  • Improved font optimization for better performance with @next/font


One of Ko's core features is allowing educators to draft and share educational resources. With our first version of Resources, educators will be able to:

  • Create a resource
  • Add a title and description
  • Draft resource content with a rich text editor
  • Allow public access to a resource or keep it private (default)
  • Get a dedicated link to each resource to share with others
  • Display a list of all resources on their Profile page
  • Update a resource
  • Delete a resource

Ko Resources will continue to evolve with more features and content creation tools for educators. If you'd like to provide feedback and influence the direction of these features, please reach out on Twitter.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed issue with authentication sync across browser tabs
  • Added dialogs, dropdown menus, cards, and more to the Ko Design System


Welcome to the Ko Changelog! This is where our team will share new features, fixes, and improvements to the Ko app.

Passwordless email authentication

  • Sign up and log in with a temporary passcode obtained via email (multifactor authentication by default)
  • Log out
  • Sync auth state across browser tabs

Custom usernames

  • Update your username and customize your profile URL

User profiles

  • Update your display name
  • Add a headline
  • Add an intro
  • Upload a profile photo

Profile links

  • Add links to your websites, storefronts, and profiles on other platforms
  • Add a custom URL
  • Update and delete links

Color modes

  • Switch between dark and light interface modes

We're just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates!