New features, fixes, and improvements to Ko.


Team profiles

To all the schools, universities, companies, and organizations working hard to share knowledge and build the future of education — we at Ko believe you're the most important contributors in the world.

We wanted to create a way for others to discover your work, so we built Team Profiles. You can now create a team profile and add a description, locations, and links. You'll also be able to invite team members and specify their roles.

Team profiles are available for free.

Personal profiles

Our goal is to make Ko personal profiles strong enough to serve as a digital resume that you can share with potential employers, so we've added two new sections: work experience and education.

We believe more detailed personal profiles will allow educators to build more trust with their visitors. Although your background may not always be related to the resources you share, it can mean a lot to a visitor when you share a bit about who you are.

Job listings

We felt that the education sector was lacking a dedicated space for hiring and career discovery, so we built a jobs board. We're aiming for our jobs board to become a primary destination for people to find amazing career opportunities in education, across industries, continents, and skill sets.

Teams can now create, edit, and manage job listings. Once a job listing is created, it'll be posted immediately on our jobs board.


Resources are great on their own, but even better when organized into guided learning experiences. You can now organize resources into kits, which can be set as publicly accessible or kept private.

Since kits are designed to be guided experiences, we built the ability to reorder resources via drag-and-drop and keyboard interactions. Use Option/Alt + Up/Down to move resources up or down in your kit.

Referral invites

At Ko, we believe the education community we're building is made of the most wonderful people in the world. That's why we're trusting existing members to build the community as you see fit.

If you're already a Ko member, you can now share a referral link with friends to let them skip the waitlist and create an account instantly.

Text editor improvements

You can now type / in the text editor to bring up a keyboard-navigable menu with multiple formatting options.


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Fixes & improvements

  • Added support for links in our Resource editor
  • Optimized performance for city search queries
  • Improved keyboard interactions with open dialogs
  • Optimized images
  • Improved page loading speed
  • Fixed issue with dialog position
  • Fixed issue with text wrapping
  • Renamed Settings to Account
  • Optimized page loading states
  • Optimized form submission loading states
  • Enabled dynamic height for Resource title and headline
  • Allowed users to crop profile photos before uploading
  • Optimized profile photo file size uploads
  • Fixed authentication sync across browser tabs
  • Fixed issue with editor actions not showing up after logging in
  • Improved kit header layout for lengthy titles
  • Increased max length for resource title and description
  • Auto-populate resource title and description from link metadata
  • Fixed username case-sensitivity validation


  • Added a profile setup wizard to welcome new members


  • Initialized Settings page to configure account details
  • Members can now delete their account and all account data anytime

Fixes & improvements

  • Ensure all usernames are unique
  • Fix authentication refresh issue
  • Fix responsive height issue with dialog component
  • Upgraded to Next.js 13 for image optimization and performance gains
  • Improved font optimization for better performance with @next/font


One of Ko's core features is allowing educators to draft and share educational resources. With our first version of Resources, educators will be able to:

  • Create a resource
  • Add a title and description
  • Draft resource content with a rich text editor
  • Allow public access to a resource or keep it private (default)
  • Get a dedicated link to each resource to share with others
  • Display a list of all resources on their Profile page
  • Update a resource
  • Delete a resource

Ko Resources will continue to evolve with more features and content creation tools for educators. If you'd like to provide feedback and influence the direction of these features, please reach out on X.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed issue with authentication sync across browser tabs
  • Added dialogs, dropdown menus, cards, and more to the Ko Design System


Welcome to the Ko Changelog! This is where our team will share new features, fixes, and improvements to the Ko app.

Passwordless email authentication

  • Sign up and log in with a temporary passcode obtained via email (multifactor authentication by default)
  • Log out
  • Sync auth state across browser tabs

Custom usernames

  • Update your username and customize your profile URL

User profiles

  • Update your display name
  • Add a headline
  • Add an intro
  • Upload a profile photo

Profile links

  • Add links to your websites, storefronts, and profiles on other platforms
  • Add a custom URL
  • Update and delete links

Color modes

  • Switch between dark and light interface modes

We're just getting started. Stay tuned for more updates!

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